About us

Digital transformation

At Nicknamed we lead the revolution of the financial industry by developing the future's digital solutions. We specialize in developing products with user experiences and user interfaces that benefit our customers and their end users. We are a team of engineers, business analysts and designers with a passion for innovation and design.

Our corporate culture is characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Here everyone has the opportunity to test their own ideas in our creative laboratory. The ideas that show great potential and meet - or even exceed - a need for the market will be developed and launched.

What we have learned

We have seen that most technical challenges can be overcome by thinking together. As a result, we are creating new cutting-edge technology for the financial industry. If you have the perception that the financial industry is rigid and boring, your prejudices will be challenged.

All successful innovations start with an idea. An idea that maybe first seemed impossible to implement, a little crazy even. But someone saw the potential, and said, "Let's do it."

At Nicknamed, you will be able to solve complex problems and to make a big impression in the industry. We're currently developing a number of revolutionary products in fintech. If you want to be part of this and produce services that end users love, Nicknamed is the place for you.


At Nicknamed we are constantly working to increase the quality and development speed of the products and services we deliver. Therefore, we have developed and implemented rigorous routines and principles for how we perform the development work.

Our starting point to avoid costly problems beyond the life cycle of a product is that development should always maintain a high minimum level.

Team & competence

Together we have managed to create a chain of key competencies that work well together. With us, employees get insight into design and development at the same time as we contribute to each other's work. The design team runs the project towards the customer and is responsible for the user experience in the product.

In order to handle challenges in projects, the design team brings forward views and ensures that the design is uniform throughout the product. The views are created and tested at an early stage to give the company's development team a clear overview of what to do.


Nicknamed was set up to lead the transformation of analog services to future digital solutions. The founder of the company was our CEO, Péter Nagy, who saw that there was a lack of development companies that could meet both the demands of attractive design and high performance in the digital solutions that were on the market.

With the vision that customers should not have to choose between appealing design, user experience or high performance, Nicknamed started.

Our history

Our first customer was bytbil.com - Schibsted's marketplace for the automotive industry. The journey began in November 2007. We developed new technology, design and user experience in a web platform that has become very successful for Schibsted. Bytbil.com became the dominant web platform for vehicle dealers' sales of used vehicles. The development of bytbil.com resulted in close cooperation with bytbil.com CEO Mikael Bjurek, who had been in Schibsted for 7 years. Mikael and Péter had worked as a customer and supplier in various forms since 2006.

Mikael saw the potential of Péter and Nicknamed and invested in the company, thus gaining access to Michael's long experience in business development and business management, business building and networking in the automotive and financial sectors.

Michael's experience of developing digital services to the automotive industry led to Nicknamed getting the idea to Beonode. Beonode Connect helps automotive dealers to communicate effectively with customers by sending pictures and video on additional work for service. The customer can approve the work and pay directly on the mobile phone.

Initial cooperation with Svea Ekonomi

Svea Ekonomi demanded digitization of their corporate account credits for businesses. Before a company that wanted to apply for credit was forced to visit a bank and undergo subordinated decision-making processes for credit. In addition, a company needed to visit the bank following credit decisions for signing debentures. Nicknamed got the assignment to make this more simpler. The challenge was to shorten the traditional decision-making processes.

Through close cooperation with Svea Ekonomi, this resulted in Corporate Credit. The service is aimed exclusively at corporate customers and means that companies through Svea Ekonomi can pick up credits quickly and easily without long processing times.

Svea Ekonomi - corporate credit

During our co-operation with Corporate Credit, Svea Ekonomi became a key customer which gave Nicknamed a high level of trust. The continued orders from Svea Ekonomi made the company grow rapidly in a short period of time. Despite the fact that the company was a bit stressed, Nicknamed developed another successful product for Svea Ekonomi by creating the Svea Self banking application. Svea Self offers a seamless credit service where the consumer owns the buying process.

Small & fast

The cooperation with Svea Ekonomi was deepened and took more and more of our time. Our customer has shown great advancement and wants to challenge the financial industry's teardrop big companies with new and innovative solutions that are of great benefit to end customers. In addition, they have given us great confidence in developing new solutions within the given limits.

During spring 2017, Svea Ekonomi approached us further by making a bid for Nicknamed. Our cooperation has been further expanded and Svea Ekonomi wanted to ensure that Nicknamed is available for the many project ideas within the company.

We will work together to further the revolution in the finance industry with user-friendly digital solutions with the highest possible performance.

Since the summer of 2017, Svea Ekonomi is the main owner of Nicknamed, and the company will serve as an extension of Svea Ekonomi's own development department. We think we are getting the best of both worlds; we maintain the small start-up company's flexibility and entrepreneurial culture, while, at the same time, we get a big company's muscles.

Ambition & values

Péter Nagy, CEO

At Nicknamed we value drive, personality and great interest in innovation. We have nice, and ambitious, employees who strive to find solutions to complex problems. We are looking for the right personalities who want to grow with us. Our employees are encouraged to develop the skills they are interested in. Together we put together a development plan that meets the employee's interests and driving forces.

" We offer rapid development, great individual freedom, and a flat organization where the individual employee's efforts are highly valued. "

If you are a person who wants to join and develop new cutting-edge technology, we want you to contact Nicknamed. Call us or drop by for a cup of coffee so we can show you who we are and how we work.

We take care of each other

We recruit employees from all over the country and also from abroad. The employee who has no home in Stockholm can live in our house in Nacka until their housing situation is resolved. At Nicknamed we are a family and we take care of each other.

We eat together, work together, and find fun things to do after work. For a change of environment and inspiration, we have rented a house in Barcelona for two summers where we worked together. We find it much more fun and we get better results when you have fun at work and get to know your colleagues really.

Does Nicknamed sound like an exciting workplace? Do you want to be part of the development future of fintech services? Send an application to [email protected] or call Péter Nagy at 070-858 57 70.